Welcome to Biz e-Town!

Biz e-Town is a virtual town square where young children from Key Stages 1 and 2 can flex their enterprise skills by setting up their own business.

Drawing upon children's existing experience and providing new challenges, Biz e-Town helps children get involved in enterprise by engaging with their very own business. Whatever business they choose, the children will experience what it is like to set up and manage a business in a wonderful 3D town, thinking about everything from what kind of business they will run, to what their competitors are doing.

Supported by unit guides and sample lesson plans, Biz e-Town can be used by teachers to deliver objectives from across the curriculum. Interactive games and activities are used to deliver specific objectives from the Primary National Strategy whilst running a business in Biz e-Town extends children's learning opportunities for problem solving and other enterprise skills.

What does Biz e-Town provide?

  • From an early age, engages children’s enterprising nature.
  • Stimulates children’s thinking about business.
  • Fosters a sense of ownership in their business and their decisions.
  • Provides games and activities which are related to their business and draw upon cross curricular objectives.
  • Builds a continuous programme of activities so that children enjoy the notion of business and enterprising behaviour at each year group in Key Stages 1 and 2.


  • Biz e-Town supports busy teachers by providing lesson guidance and a 'Biz e-Scheme of Work' so that teachers know exactly where Biz e-Town meets the curriculum.
  • Biz e-Town supports cross-curricular activities, keeping the young entrepreneur busy with tasks engaging each of the six areas of learning.
  • Biz e-Town engages children using ICT.
  • Biz e-Town is on the Internet, allowing it to be used at school and securely from home.


  • A 3D town for children to explore.
  • An online virtual town where children get to run their own business.
  • Curriculum-based games and activities.
  • Supporting materials including sample lesson plans.
  • Access to 'teacher only' pages for reviewing children's progress.